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While it is important to build human capacities by unlocking the full potential of the people or individuals at the organisational level through management training, it is equally important and logically consistent that the capacity of the organisations be enhanced.  ESAMI accomplishes this noble task largely through Management Consultancy Services whereby  process consultancy is used to help organisations improve their structural dynamics and thus harness development and shape the skills and efforts of their managers and staff.  Consultancy as a management intervention tool is offered by ESAMI for the purposes of institutional development and enhancement of cost-effective management practices and procedures.  The full range of services provided to organisations for institutional development consists of all the areas in which ESAMI runs programmes for management training and development.  This hand-holding makes the organisation effectively learn to cope with its problems and opportunities largely through its own efforts.  This way it avoids becoming irresponsive to the environment and over-dependent on outside help.

Experience in Consultancy Services


Over the years ESAMI has secured and successfully done consultancy assignments for various government agencies, parastatal and private sector organisations in African and international institutions operating in Africa.  We have helped several institutions to develop staretgic and business plans, skills audit; review of remuneration packages, Business re-engineering, Design and implementation of performance management systems, quick wins, service delivery surveys; performance review; training needs assessment;Gender Audit and mainstreaming; Institutional/ Organisational review; Job eveluation and Salary grading, etc.


Customised Training


These are designed with consideration of customers specific needs and are conducted at the venue convenient to the customer. There is growing demand for customized training as they are tailored to close specific capacity gaps in organisations. With such programmes, the client has the flexibility to determine the duration of the training, programme venue and topics to be covered. For tailor-made programmes we require a minimum of 10 (ten) participants from the client organisation to attend the training. ESAMI has so far conducted more than 600 such training programmes in the region.


 We are experts in carrying out consultancy assignments and Customised training in the following areas:-

  1. Human Resource Development & Management
  2. Finance and Banking
  3. Gorvenance & Public Sector Management
  4. Strategic Planning and Management
  5. Energy & Environmental Management
  6. Gender Development & Management
  7. Information technology and Records management
  8. Project Management
  9. Marketing & Customer Service
  10. Procurement & Transport Infrastructure
  11. Health management and administration, etc



Intake dates for new ESAMI Masters Programmes

26 Jan 2015
ESAMI Business School is inviting applications for Intake 32 for the following Masters Programmes scheduled to run in various ESAMI centres in Africa.        ...
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